N.E.W XC Airoflow

N.E.W XC Airoflow
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  • Reformed Leather Straps
  • Duraflex Guard
  • Breathable, Pressure Relieving Materials


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The innovative new XC boot design from New Equine Wear that surpasses the industry standard, promoting function, safety and equine wellbeing above all else.

With extensive research from eventers, designers and everyday riders, the N.E.W XC Airoflow boots have been designed to be flexible, protective and cooling; our unique combination of materials allows air to circulate around the leg and also allows the tendon to move, whilst remaining protected. The new, shatterproof Duraflex® guard cups the tendon on the front legs and the cannon bone on the back leg; it allows movement yet resists impact for incredible protection. The Duraflex® guard does not snap under pressure; it simply flexes, deflecting impact.  

Recommended by top riders, these boots are equally suited to rigorous work as they are to daily training. Designed with reformed leather straps for a smart and professional look.

Sold in pairs. Made in the U.K. Supplied with a complimentary Wash Bag.


Width: Measured at the centre of the boot

Length 1: Measured at the back of the front boots and the front of the hind boots.

Length 2: Measured at the longest point (inside of the leg)

SizeWidth     Length 1 Length 2
Small Front29cm     19cm      22cm
Medium Front    31cm21.5cm24.5cm
Large Front33.5cm23.5cm26.5.5cm
Small Hind32cm21cm28cm
Medium Hind34cm22cm30cm
Large Hind36cm23.5cm32.5cm

New Equine Wear FAQs

What are the most breathable boots you offer?

The new and improved N.E.W Airoflow Boots have been designed to allow large volumes of air to pass through the boot with ease. The combination of a tough woven outer and a pressure distributing Spacetec inner allows air to pass through the boot to help keep legs cool.

Which boots can I use on front and hind?

Whilst some boots are designed to fit front or hind legs, some of our boots can be used universally. These boots are:

  • Airoflow Brushing Boot
  • Superlite Brushing Boot
  • Magnatex Brushing Boots
  • Turnout Socks
  • Stable Boots
Where are the tendon guards located?

Our XC Boots are fitted with our innovative, shatterproof Duraflex guard.

In the front boots, this guard is located to the back of the boots. It works by deflecting impact from an active hind leg. The tendon guard is positioned at the front of the hind boots to offer a degree of protection should the horse make contact with a fence.

My saddle slips - how can I prevent this?

Our non-slip saddle mesh is very popular. This highly effective mesh is strong, thin, breathable and incredibly lightweight, helping to secure your horse's saddle.