Walled Pet Bed

Walled Pet Bed
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  • Warm and cosy
  • Double layer of comfort
  • Easy to wash


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✅ This product can be embroidered.

The Walled Pet Bed provides optimum comfort and warmth to your pet. 

Designed with your pet's comfort in mind, the beds are generously filled, with the cushion providing a double layer of comfort. The high sides are effective in keeping out draughts and provide a comfortable place for your pet to rest their head.

In true PolyPads style, each bed is hand made to order. This allows complete flexibility in colour and binding style - simply choose your bed colour and binding colour from the selection, and select the size to reflect that of your pet. The high quality material provides a long life and is even machine washable! The removable inner cushion can even be embroidered with your pets' name.

The bed features a water resistant base, making wiping down simple. Simply remove the cushion to reveal the base.

Please note that due to each bed being handmade, some sizes may vary. This guide is approximate.

SizeHeight (cm)Width (cm)Depth (cm)
Small25 at rear, 15 at front.45 across pillow, 50 across bed.30
Medium28 at rear, 18 at front.55 across pillow, 60 across bed.40
Large31 at rear, 19 at front65 across pillow, 70 across bed.50
 Extra Large32 at back, 20 at front.75 across pillow, 80 across bed.60