N.E.W Turnout Socks

N.E.W Turnout Socks
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  • Protects sensitive skin from outer elements
  • Shaped design to minimise spinning
  • Machine washable


Our Price: £50.00Includes VAT

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The N.E.W Turnout Socks are a re-design of the popular Freedom Stretch Turnout Socks, which have proved incredibly popular with their ability to effectively keep legs dry. The Turnout Socks have been carefully designed to provide the best possible fit, with attention paid to the contours of the leg to minimise slipping or spinning. They are designed to fit very close to the leg, like a second skin. The boots can be easily hosed off.

In keeping with the rest of the N.E.W boot range, the seams are stitched with heavy duty rot-proof thread to ensure that the boots will withstand heavy use. The addition of leather straps makes the boots easy to fit.

These boots can be used on both front and hind legs. Sold in pairs. Supplied with a complimentary Wash Bag. Made in the UK.