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The PolyPads Forma is saddle-shaped for a neat and professional look. The PolyPads Forma features a high-wither shape in the Standard and Dressage styles to achieve a neater fit under the saddle. It provides maximum back protection, with minimum back coverage for coolness and comfort. The Pony and Shetland sizes are designed to be flat over the spine to echo the shape of a typical flat-blacked pony. 

The pad is made from a durable polycotton and quilted to a cushioned fibre core for high performance protection. 

Whilst the Forma does not slip, some people have requested a girth strap for added peace of mind. If you would like this, please add 'girth strap' to the selection.

The Pony Forma is ideal for pony saddles up to 15″ – allowing for shorter saddle flaps and legs!

PolyPads' Shetland Forma is the perfect accompaniment for cub saddles, perfectly proportioned for smaller ponies! The non-slip mesh (link here: can be stitched in per your request - please email with your requirements.

The PolyPads Long Forma is designed for straight fronted saddles with long flaps, such as dressage saddles. The width along the spine remains the same as the standard Forma but this “Long” version is nearly 20% longer to allow for the added length of your saddle.

Shetland Pad length: 54cm (along the spine). Pad Width: 86cm (side to side).

Pony Pad length: 60cm (along the spine).  Pad width: 92cm (side to side).

Standard Pad length: 66cm (along the spine). Pad width: 107cm (side to side).

Dressage Pad length: 66cm (along the spine). Pad width: 126cm (side to side).

Since our launch in 1988, PolyPads has set out to keep your horse’s comfort in mind. Every product that bears the PolyPads name has a mark of quality behind it, accompanied by the knowledge that it has been manufactured with the best quality materials and designed with care and attention.

At PolyPads, we know that horses change shapes for many reasons; be it muscle wastage, weight loss or gain, each horse will inevitably go through changes that cannot always be avoided. To cater for the ever-changing needs of the modern horse and rider, PolyPads pads are designed in varied thicknesses to support these changes. Whilst PolyPads should not be used as a remedy for an ill-fitting saddle, they are ideal for distributing pressure along the back and offering increased back support.

PolyPads are able to offer three thickness in our saddle pads to create the customised fit that each horse requires. Whilst many other have imitated our designs, few are able to match in both the quality of materials and the unparalleled attention to detail that we can offer. The three thicknesses cater for varying levels of fitness, age and workload of your horse. The thicknesses can be used as platforms to step up and down with as your horse changes shape; for the majority of the time, your horse will be best suited to the ‘Single’ thickness pads. The 'Single' refers to two pieces of fabric being sewn together to create a traditional PolyPad.

We offer the ‘PlusOne’ option within our pads too; this is perfect for those who are slightly underdeveloped along the topline from a lack of fitness, or for those who have reduced from the thickest pad, the ‘Doubler’. The 'PlusOne' consists of the standard two pieces of material, plus an extra piece of material as an insert.

The ‘Doubler’ option is designed for horses who need a kinder fit when being re-introduced to work. The gentle, weight-distributing fit is the ideal way to begin recovery and move into a position of fitness. The Doubler uses four peice of material; the standard outer two plus two inserts - this is also a popular choice for racing yards.

The multitude of options offered by PolyPads distinguish us as the champion in horse comfort under saddle. Why not explore our range to find a pad in your favourite colours, or make your mark with an embroidered design?