N.E.W Magnetex Brushing Boot

N.E.W Magnetex Brushing Boot
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  • Six Magnets
  • Easy to Fit
  • Versatile Design


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Magnets have been used for many years for maintaining healthy blood flow around the body of both humans and horses. The N.E.W Magnetex Brushing Boots are fitted with six Neodymium magnets at a strength of 1600 gauss each, which have been strategically placed to provide all-round contact with the leg. The magnets have an excellent resistance to demagnetisation.

The Magnetex Brushing Boots have been designed with an external strike guard for protection, making them suitable for all manner of use, such as in the stable or out riding. The Superlite lining provides comfort against the leg when worn. We recommend that the boots are worn for no longer than 12 hours and are never used on open wounds, mares in foal, by people with pacemakers or by pregnant women.

These boots can be used on both front and hind legs. Sold in pairs. Supplied with a complimentary Wash Bag. Made in the U.K.


Width: Measured at the centre of the boot.

Length: Measured at the strike guard (inside leg).

Small 29cm24.5cm
Medium 31cm27cm
Extra Large   35.5cm   32cm