GP Forma

GP Forma
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  • Versatile fit
  • Shaped spine
  • Smart look


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The GP Forma is stylish and smart, with the saddle-shaped design reducing bulk and weight for a comfortable, lightweight fit. The GP Forma features a slightly curved front that will easily accommodate a range of knee rolls, whilst the contoured spine reduces excess bulk for a fuss-free fit. The cut-away design is popular for those who prefer the neater fit, or for horses who work hard.

Designed with a girth strap to ensure a secure fit.

Measurements (please note, all measurements are approximate due to the handmade nature of PolyPads):

GP Forma Standard

Along spine – 63cm

Wither to base – 54cm

Front curve to back curve - 47cm

GP Forma Pony

Along spine – 59cm

Wither to base – 52cm

Front curve to back curve - 44cm