PolyPads and New Equine Wear have paved the way in creating professional, practical solutions for equestrians of all abilities. With years of manufacturing and equestrian experience behind us, we endeavour to produce quality products for every rider, at every level.

Starting out in 1988, PolyPads was originally designed to provide a modern solution to traditional saddle cloths for racehorses, with the non-slip, fuss free, pressure relieving design. In years gone by, equestrians from all backgrounds have come to recognise the incredible versatility and durability of PolyPads, using the products in a variety of disciplines, on a range of horses. To this day, PolyPads are found in tack rooms across the world in a variety of shapes and sizes. The pressure-relieving design of PolyPads has allowed the brand to find its place in riding schools, eventing yards and with individual equestrians, as more and more people have become aware of the brand. Each PolyPad is made by hand in Britain, sewn by our talented machinists. 

New Equine Wear is the sister brand to PolyPads, manufactured in the same place and with the same attention to detail. The all new range launched in July 2021 and involved over a year of testing and tweaking to perfect the range. Each boot has been carefully designed to provide incredible protection to the horse's leg, with the XC boots fitted with the all new Duraflex® guard - which is completely shatterproof. The new range was designed with input from riders of all levels and with a combination of carefully selected, breathable and technical materials to achieve the end result - the all new, innovative N.E.W range.