Spring is Coming!

It’s been a pretty bleak year. We all know it, we’re all tired of hearing about it – so when the Prime Minister announced that the end may be in sight, we all let out collective sigh of relief. That, combined with a few brighter days where actual warmth could be felt, has left us quietly hopeful that 2021 may not be a complete and utter write off – even if it’s just the tail end of summer that we can enjoy.

Tiny sprouts of green are brightening up the brown fields, rugs are coming down in weight and horses that have wintered off are starting to come back into work. It’s the little things for equestrians that mark the start of spring – but it’s enough to keep us going! If you’re looking for the best equipment to help bring your horse back into work, we at PolyPads have got you covered.


The PolyPads Roller Pad

The Roller Pad is an incredibly popular, handy piece of equipment that is perfect for use with your roller. The Roller Pad keeps your horse comfortable whilst lunging, created in PlusOne thickness as standard to increase the pressure relieving qualities. The best thing? You can design it in your favourite colours.

Elite PolyPad

Dare we dream about competitions? Sun-soaked days spent by the horsebox, comprising of approximately 30 seconds in the ring and eight hours chatting whilst eating chips… halcyon days. The Elite is the perfect competition PolyPad for that limited time in the ring! The Elite is a slimmer PolyPad more like that of a traditional saddlecloth, yet bears the same soft qualities. The Elite is available in GP, Close Contact and Dressage cut, so you’ll find the perfect style for your saddle. However, if you prefer the squidgy comfort that a traditional PolyPad brings, why not design your favourite style in White? This keeps your set up consistent, whether you’re riding at home or competing.

Classic PolyPad

Ah, the Classic. The original PolyPad, created over 30 years ago. Now, the Classic can be found in nearly every tack room across the country and they remain as popular as ever. One question we’re always asked when it comes to the Classic, and indeed the rest of the PolyPad saddlepad range, is – ‘which thickness do I need?’ – and it’s a question that we’ll continue to be asked for many years to come! Single thickness remains to be our most popular, however we find that PlusOne thickness is useful over the winter months and coming into these Spring months. The PlusOne thickness is equivalent to 1 ½ standard PolyPads, with the extra thickness under the saddle bearing area. This design is popular with owners of horses that have lost muscle over the back, or weight, requiring a greater amount of pressure relief under saddle. Our Doubler thickness is most popular for racehorses, however we do find that some horse riders find this thickness benefits their horse. As ever, we’d always recommend speaking with your saddle fitter to attain the perfect fit for your horse – especially if they have had some time off over winter.


We’re hoping to see you all out and about at shows soon – whenever that may be! We’re always here for help and a chat over the phone if 2021 doesn’t prove to be as promising as we’re all hoping. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that 2022 is the return of normality, when you can join us at shows for a prosecco as the sun sets over another glorious summer day…  we can’t wait!!